JOZ feedpusher and scrapers


The Moov Pro feed pusher is a fully automatic robot designed for livestock farms. With the Moov Pro, your herd has access to fresh feed at all times. This enhances the cow’s health and prevents ailments like rumen acidosis and laminitis. The Moov Pro uses transponder technology, which means there are no obstacles in the barn. This technology allows the programming of an unlimited number of routes for multiple feed groups. Fully automatic charging is possible with the J-Load.

Two-day scheduling
for farmers who feed every other day
One shot
for farmers who feed atirregular intervals
Postponed starting time
for occasions feed is given later
Parking function
robot can park outside during feeding
Pause/Play function
allowing the Moov Pro to be halted temporarily

Slurry scrapers

We have a wide range of slurry scrapers available for every barn. We supply scrapers for grid floors and sealed floors, liquid slurry, solid slurry, slurry with sand and every conceivable combination. Whether you have a barn for 30 cattle or 3000 cattle, our scrapers will keep it perfectly clean. Every farm is unique and requires its own slurry disposal system that matches the architectural characteristics of the barn and the financing capacity of the farm.